Procurement Technology

The technology suite includes a range of workflow tools that aid Communication, Activation, Procurement and Compliance.

True North solutions are readily scalable, future-proofed and transferable. The software is provided as a service (SaaS) and can form part of an in-house solution or outsourced through our managed services. Our Advisory team offer additional skills and resource.

We introduce process innovation, as well as product innovation.

The MIS is a recognised global leading system, including unique advantages for procurement solutions. Our software is proven worldwide, with fully integrated distribution features and inventory controls. We capture all information from product inception, through production, distribution and/or storage, draw-down and invoicing. All of this information can be accessed online or through bespoke reporting.

User acceptance is fundamental to the success of procurement initiatives, so our software is user friendly, straight-forward and intuitive.

A Bit About Us

We’re here to help organisations navigate a better way to source supplies.

Applying our mantra Save, Simplify, Innovate we reduce costs, facilitate the processes and introduce the latest, most effective choices. Our solutions consist of three layers; Technology, Managed Services (or Client in-house resources) and Advisory.

Depending on the objectives of our Client, the solution may span their entire supply chain or focus on specific areas of need, such as Health & Safety, Print Management or Brand Logistics.

True North ValuesIndependence
Free from bias. Our qualified selection of the best-fit technology provides savings and innovation.

Sustainable service is delivered at lower margins. Our world-class system facilitates a lower cost structure. Quality assurance processes deliver work that’s right the first time.

Attracting the best in the industry, through our culture, our customers and the satisfaction of delivering a superior service.

Assuring transparency and ownership of our promises. Respecting clients, agencies and our suppliers. Fiscally and environmentally responsible.

Understanding the ever-changing needs of our clients. Researching and recommending continuous enhancements across the total cost of ownership.

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What Our Clients Say

” True North continue to set the bar for what we now view as a “best in class” supplier relationship “
” True North are a true partner to multiple functions at Lion BSW NZ. They are passionate and continue their focus on innovation, quality and process improvements. Their value-add expands past print solutions without any loss of momentum over the 2+ years we have worked together. “
” True North bridged the gap between our multiple creative agencies and internal teams. Their servicing was second to none and they remained calm under pressure despite our ever changing demands. “
” True North offers a unique level of transparency and price assurances that has continued from the beginning of our relationship. “
” True North continually challenge the status quo using new techniques to give us hard and soft cost savings. “
” True North is a genuine strategic sourcing partner. They provide a unique service, are quick and proactive “
” True North have made life easy! They bring solutions, not problems to the projects that we work on. “
” True North understands the challenges we face. “
” True North are great at working with several different parts of our company on multiple jobs, with complete success in terms of achieving deadlines and budget. “
” True North facilitated and virtually singlehandedly managed the massive task of helping us re-launch our entire collection of corporate and marketing collateral. “
” Their implementation experience and investment in additional resource for the initial phase was another key point of difference, meaning we experienced a seamless transition to an enhanced solution. “
” True North saved 15% off annual print budget with no impact to quality or quantity. “
” True North retained focus at all times and guided us towards the most effective, innovative and cost-efficient ideas, helping us create a hugely successful rebranding experience. “
” True North’s implementation experience and investment in resource was another key point of difference, meaning we experienced a seamless transition to an enhanced solution “
” True North is second to none in their understanding of the technical aspects of print supply. They are tireless in their pursuit of excellence and passionate about exceeding their customers’ expectations “
” True North are exemplary at making short lead-times work, which removes a whole load of pressure from us and no doubt the Brand Managers. They are always flexible, efficient and approachable. “
” Our relationship with True North is a perfect example of a collaborative way of working and I can imagine they would be like this in any environment. “
” True North managed the reprint of hundreds of documents that they then dispatched to numerous locations based on over 500 individual orders, during our rebrand. I cannot recommend them highly enough. “
” True North understands the challenges we face as a New Zealand-based FMCG company. By focusing on us, the marketing collateral they produced is clear, cost effective, and of the highest quality reflecting our new brand “
  • Confirmed Read
  • Reference
  • Mail
  • Who, What & How Many
  • How Much, When & Where
  • Multiple Workstreams
  • Variable Data Design
  • Digital Asset Library
  • Resource Management
  • Smartphone Enabled Marketing
  • Trade Presenters
  • Digital POS
  • Menu Pricing
  • RFQ Systems
  • Supplier Panel
  • On Demand (JIT)
  • Inventory Management
  • Cross-Stocking
  • Direct Link to Approved Suppliers
  • Marketing & Operational Products, Inventory plus Services
  • Accounts Payable and ERP Link
  • Real Time Report Suite
  • Order Notification / Supplier Liaison
  • WIP & WIN (What’s Important Now)


News & Library

With the increased focus on procurement departments to enhance business results, True North provide a suite of tools to facilitate best practice and provide workflow advantages.

Communication is key to successful implementation and on-going utilisation of procurement initiatives. Our technology creates a “single point of contact” for users to access all supplies and services, connecting multiple systems and removing the need for multiple passwords. This creates the ideal platform for the procurement team to broadcast their news, as well as channel users to new, approved sources.

News headlines can either be broadcast passively when users access the site, or may be forwarded as e-mail links to a target audience. Where needed, users are asked to confirm that they have read key messages.

True North’s solution also offers an alternative to e-mail, with all communications linked to the relevant activity.

Plan & Request

Campaign Planner True North Procurement Technology Ad hoc requests for marketing design, print and merchandise are channelled to approved suppliers. The steps are user friendly and bring the benefit of information relating to work in progress. The system can be configured to source all types of requirements, capturing data for review centrally.

For more complex activity, True North’s campaign manager facilitates the planning, budgeting and delivery of the components involved: To Who, What, How Many, How Much, Where and When. The system is capable of handling multiple scenarios, comparing different versions. Workstreams with different processes may be configured individually. Campaign activity is reported together with all other orders managed by the system, providing a comprehensive view and analysis of the supply chain.


Templates & Studio

Variable data templates enable users to build their own materials with compliance to brand guidelines and proofing protocols. Templates save design costs and reduce production lead-times. They may be applied to a broad range of requirements including Point of Sale, Restaurant Menu Cards and Product Information Sheets. For instance, the technology can help multiple suppliers provide their product information in a regular format for promotional materials. Field teams may customise point of sale templates for local campaigns. True North’s system generates print-ready files which are pointed to local equipment or produced centrally.

Where Clients operate in-house design resource, we offer resource management software that helps gain maximum benefit from the team. The system channels job requests, coordinates workflow, plus reports utilisation and performance.

True North’s technology suite includes a choice of libraries for the management of digital assets, with specialists available to support librarian services.

Paperless Promotions

A key difference from printer-based suppliers is that True North’s independence means our client’s objectives are assessed by specialists who are genuinely free from bias to recommend the best solutions. Our research into paperless technologies gives clients the opportunity to increase speed to market as well as offer a new brand experience.

Our software also enables the evolution of trade presenters, to become more engaging sell-in tools specific to the brand and target audience.

True North provides the technology for phone (SMS text plus web) promotions and consumer data capture, offering cost savings and unique features. INFLO enables you to use digital mechanics for more promotions, connecting with more consumers and capturing more data for future promotions.

Paperless activations can achieve greater cut-through and enhance brand experience. Consumers expect their preferred brands to connect with them using up to date solutions.

INFLO handles all types of go-in-the-draw promotions including general entry, unique code, validation and guess the answer.

True North’s solution provides cost savings, involves an easier process for client and consumer, and it’s future proofed.

For more information on our INFLO system, click here



Offering Clients the procurement technology to support their in-house solution or outsourced through our managed services. True North’s software is also proven in a hybrid configuration, where our Clients manage the sourcing of certain categories and we manage others on their behalf, using the same platform.

The software provides control and visibility across multiple tenders, together with menu pricing for contract items. True North can supplement the choice of suppliers through our Advisory Services with research of the broadest range of manufacturers plus strategic sourcing expertise.


Our system fully integrates distribution services, including collation, warehousing and freight. A world-class MIS with capability of managing multiple stock locations, as well as just-in-time sourcing. Clients have the option to link the solution to their own distribution centres or their existing warehouse service or True North provide a choice of proven third part logistics services.

Users benefit from online visibility of their orders, together with easy ways to query any issues. The system captures a wealth of information to report performance and collectively assess services.



True North’s technology provides a user friendly portal for sourcing all non-trade supplies, from store fit-out to cleaning services. We link your people to your approved suppliers and your ERP system. It’s more user friendly than the likes of SAP and a fraction of the cost. This leads to greater compliance, removal of rogue spend and facilitates the roll-out of new procurement initiatives.


The system captures client activity and procurement information across the different workflow modules. The data is configured into the most useful formats to help users manage WIP and WIN “What’s Important Now”. Users are able to save a favourite selection of real-time reports for regular analysis.

With True North, information from many different systems may be captured and collated within our single point of contact.